Being conversant with the canonical literature of a field is significant as it allows you to understand the foundational theories, concepts, and debates within that field. This knowledge can help you to engage in informed discussions, make relevant contributions, and develop innovative ideas. It also aids in identifying gaps in the current knowledge or experience, which can be crucial for professional development and growth.

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The 2020 Calendar deck can be used to plan for professional development by marking important dates for learning, connecting, and creating. You can identify gaps in your current knowledge or experience and set learning goals. You can mark dates for basic research, especially if you've moved into a new job or functional area. This way, you can plan your professional development systematically throughout the year.

After moving into a new job or functional area, one should start by identifying the gaps in their current knowledge or experience. Basic research should be conducted to become conversant with the canonical literature of the field. This will aid in professional development and help in understanding the new role better.

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