Companies might face several challenges when implementing the ten personas for innovation. These could include resistance to change, difficulty in understanding and adopting new roles, and potential conflicts between different personas. To address these challenges, companies can provide comprehensive training to help employees understand the importance and benefits of these personas. They can also foster an open and supportive environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their concerns and suggestions. Regular feedback and communication can also help in smooth implementation.

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The ten personas for innovation presented in 'The Ten Faces of Innovation' challenge existing paradigms or practices in the field of innovation by providing a new approach to problem-solving. Instead of relying on a single perspective or methodology, these personas encourage teams to adopt multiple viewpoints, fostering a more comprehensive and creative approach to innovation. This not only leads to more effective solutions but also promotes a culture of innovation within the team. The personas are practical and tested methods, not just theories, thus providing a reliable framework for innovation.

A small business can leverage the ten personas for innovation in several ways. Firstly, by adopting these personas, they can foster a culture of innovation within their organization. This can lead to the development of new and unique products, services, or processes that can give them a competitive edge. Secondly, these personas can help in improving team dynamics as they encourage viewing problems from different perspectives. This can lead to more comprehensive solutions. Lastly, these personas can also aid in personal development of team members by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and think differently.

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Design firm and idea factory IDEO has developed ten personas for innovation. These talents, or roles...

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