Medina used a strategy of familiarity to get CIA analysts comfortable with the idea of sharing information online. She started a blog on the classified intranet, gradually adding presentations and other items. This approach got intelligence analysts used to the idea of sharing information openly.

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Medina's approach at the CIA was centered around fostering a culture of open information sharing. She started a blog on the classified intranet to get analysts accustomed to the idea of sharing information online. This was a strategic move to break down barriers and encourage collaboration. The broader implications for organizations are significant. This approach can lead to increased transparency, improved decision-making, and a more innovative and adaptive organization. However, it also requires a shift in mindset and potentially a change in organizational structure and processes.

A small business can use Medina's method of gradual introduction to implement new practices and grow by first introducing the new practices in a familiar format. This could be through a blog, newsletter, or internal communication platform. The key is to start small and gradually introduce more complex aspects of the new practices. This allows employees to become comfortable with the new practices over time, reducing resistance and increasing the likelihood of successful implementation. It's also important to provide support and training throughout this process to ensure everyone understands and can effectively use the new practices.

Yes, there are several companies that have successfully implemented Medina's approach to introducing new ideas. For instance, Google encourages its employees to spend 20% of their time on personal projects, which has led to the creation of successful products like Gmail and Google News. Similarly, 3M, the company behind Post-it Notes, also encourages its employees to spend 15% of their time on projects of their choice. These companies have created a culture of innovation by allowing their employees to explore new ideas and share information openly, much like Medina did at the CIA.

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