Credibility is crucial in making ideas "sticky" because it ensures that people believe in your message. Without credibility, even the most compelling and well-structured ideas can fall flat because they lack the trust factor. Credibility can be achieved through various means. One way is by providing clear, accurate, and reliable information. Another is by establishing yourself or your organization as an authority in the field. This can be done through demonstrating expertise, providing evidence of past successes, or being endorsed by respected figures or institutions. Lastly, consistency in your message and actions also helps build credibility over time.

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The book 'Made to Stick' suggests that to communicate ideas concretely, one should use images, language, and objects. This helps in creating experiences that make the ideas more understandable and relatable. The use of these elements can also take advantage of schemas, which are mental structures that help us understand the world. By using images, language, and objects that fit into the audience's existing schemas, the ideas become more concrete and easier to grasp.

The book "Made to Stick" suggests several tactics for making your messages simple yet profound. These include prioritization, which involves focusing on the most important aspects of your message. Using schemas, or mental models, can also help simplify complex ideas. Generative analogies can be used to explain unfamiliar concepts by comparing them to something familiar. The key is to communicate profound insights in few words, much like a proverb.

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