Putting cash flows on a calendar is important when estimating returns because it allows for a more accurate and organized estimation of returns. It helps in tracking the net cash the investment will bring, considering variables like increased working capital, changes in taxes, and adjustments for non-cash expenses. This method aids in estimating returns year by year or even month by month, providing a clear picture of the investment's performance over time.

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The ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) & Investment Valuation spreadsheet can aid in comparing the efficiency of capital use between companies by providing a quantitative measure of how well companies generate cash flow relative to the capital they have invested in their business. It allows for a direct comparison of the efficiency of capital use across different companies, regardless of their size or industry. This can be particularly useful for investors or analysts who are trying to determine which companies are able to use their capital most efficiently to generate returns.

The hurdle rate plays a crucial role in the investment valuation process as it is the minimum rate of return expected on an investment. It is used to determine the potential of the investment and whether it is worth pursuing. The hurdle rate is often used to compare with the projected rate of return of an investment. If the projected return is higher than the hurdle rate, the investment is considered worthwhile. However, if the projected return is lower than the hurdle rate, the investment may not be pursued. Companies may have different hurdle rates depending on the risk associated with the proposed investments.

Improving the accuracy of cash flow forecasts can be achieved by several methods. Firstly, ensure that you have a clear understanding of your business's financial history. This includes knowledge of past sales, expenses, and cash flow trends. Secondly, regularly update your forecasts to reflect the current business environment and any changes in your business operations. Thirdly, consider using cash flow forecasting software that can help automate the process and provide more accurate results. Lastly, always account for unexpected expenses or changes in the market that could impact your cash flow.

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