Leaders should not rely solely on their intuition in managing a real estate portfolio because real estate management requires accurate data, synthesized into relevant information, interpreted in the context of corporate and competitive realities. Intuition alone may not provide a comprehensive understanding of the various factors that influence real estate management such as locations, land and building types, utilization and condition of major facilities, lease terms and operating costs, and financial and environmental risks. Therefore, leaders should strive to obtain real estate intelligence and team up with professionals for effective management.

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The key factors to consider in analyzing multifamily properties include location, property condition, market trends, financial performance, and potential for value-add opportunities. It's also important to consider the property's occupancy rates, tenant demographics, and the local rental market. Additionally, understanding the property's operating expenses and potential for increased revenue can provide insight into its overall investment potential.

A spreadsheet can be a powerful tool in analyzing multifamily properties. It allows you to organize and analyze a large amount of data in a systematic and efficient way. You can use it to track various metrics such as rental income, expenses, cash flow, and return on investment for each property. It can also help you compare different properties and make informed investment decisions. Moreover, you can use it to forecast future performance based on historical data and market trends.

A dynamic picture of corporate strategy can help in managing a real estate portfolio by providing a clear understanding of the company's footprint, including locations, types of land and buildings, utilization and condition of major facilities, lease terms, operating costs, and financial and environmental risks. This comprehensive view aids in making informed decisions about the portfolio, ensuring it adds more value to the enterprise than the sum of its individual sites. It also helps in building flexibility and cultivating intelligence, which are crucial for effective portfolio management.

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