Ultimate Map Collection

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Use this Ultimate Map Collection to showcase the overall health of your global business by displaying location-specific data. With hundreds of major countries presented, you can pull any map from this deck to enhance your presentation with powerful map infographics, and appeal more to your audience.


This collection is divided by continents, and features maps from international, to continental, to national level. Color tones are set to visually and creatively model the content of each slide template. Use the Map of the World as an overview of your business’s presence, provide audience with the range of your global influence and the connectivity of your infrastructure, and ultimately determine high potential regions suitable for your future business expansion. Following the introduction, the deck is broken down into different continents and major countries that fall within, with a variety of slide elements that incorporate infographic, data, markers and icons, and graphs and charts. These graphic elements can be easily copied and pasted to fit into any countries you need. Also included are designs that allow you to examine and compare/contrast specific data points between two regions. Use such information distinguish your areas of opportunity.