Week of April 24th, 2017



Ten things I have learned

Milton Glaser is one of the best known graphic designers worldwide. He created the "I ❤ NY" logo, among other trademark images and graphics. This essay summarizes his ten principles on how to live. Make sure to read "How you live changes your brain" (#7) and "Doubt is better than certainty" (#8).


increase engagement & Impress managers with a change in messaging

One of our contributors interviewed five directors and two CIOs of Fortune 100 companies to identify how they use data to make informed decisions. These are her findings. In summary: enabled actions are better than insights, are better than data. The same trend applies in management.


How to evaluate, accept, reject, or negotiate a job offer

Many have downloaded our Ultimate Resume Kit, this article contains everything you need to know after the interview process is complete. As the title suggests, it covers a myriad of topics. You might also find this book helpful - Fearless Salary Negotiation.


The addiction that's worse than alcohol or drug abuse

As part of our "digital detox" fight we decided to featured this article. Social networking is garbage for your mental health. There are many things you can do with your spare time instead of watching rainbow-farting unicorns on your mobile device. Consider one of our earlier articles - Facebook detox - to learn how to receive market alerts that can improve your career.


MIT Tech Review - 10 Breakthrough Technologies

Pure cocaine for technology and future enthusiasts. It is truly inspiring to read these series of articles. Each year we look forward to this edition of their magazine. The articles are high-level but granular enough to be able to explain what is a "Quantum Computer," a "Neural Network,"or a "Cell Atlas."


How the most productive CEOs keep email in check

Tl;dr: “read, act, file, or delete” until you get to zero-inbox. 


The Fall of Retail

It is no news that retail — brick & mortar — shops are disappearing. The highlighted article presents great data and analysis on the trend. At the same time The Atlantic published this great article on how online shopping makes suckers of us all. Great view points on yet another another mega-trend that will inevitable affect us all.


Robots sorting 200,000 packages per day

Automation will change corporate management styles. As teams get smaller and productivity increases managers will need to increase the depth of their relationships. Short videos like these remind us of how technology is/will change all aspects of future organizational structures. Perhaps in the future all teams will have to abide by the "two pizza rule."


How I knew when Saying "Yes" was hurting my productivity

Read from the section called "Hell yes! Versus anything else." The beginning is self-praising, which is great, but will waste your time. The TEDxToronto talk is inspirational, but not essential. The take away message is — it's valuable to say "no."


Inspirational BACKGROUND Music - Sounds of SOUL

To finish off this week's report we have included a compilation of inspirational background music for meetings. You can have access to this compilation for free for 30 days when you join Amazon Music. This compilation was first brought to our attention by one of our members. We hope you enjoy it.