Week of May 1st, 2017



Everything Is Bullsh*t: The greatest scams on Earth revealed

Great book with interesting topics for small chat. A lot of what we believe and do is bullsh*t, yet we walk around thinking our way of doing things is inherently correct. Why do we exchange diamond engagement rings? Why is wine so expensive? How does art become “art”?


The Blockchain and Us (2017)

“…Capitalism itself has thrived in some areas by the natural exclusion of others from markets, it uses that scarcity principle as its driving basis. So, what happens when money is not scarce?” Watch this high-level summary of Blockchain. Start at 20:04 (here) ― if it interests you watch the entire video from 1:35 (here).


An Engineer's Guide to Picking a Startup

If you're thinking of side-projects or looking for a startup to join, this article covers some obvious concepts. This second article lists a few characteristics of a defendable business model. In summary, aim for a defendable business model, with a large market size, and a feasible entry or disruption point. Some ideas can look good, yet years later they fail miserably.


Deutsche Post Builds Its Own Electric Delivery Van...

Incredible case study. Creating furniture in the 60's required expertise. As furniture complexity decreased IKEA developed the build-it-yourself furniture model. The same trend might repeat itself with electric cars. As a business manager, what processes are becoming simpler to the point that they can be brought in-house...


The Media Bubble is Worse Than  You Think

You Exec does not take any political sides, we share this article as a case study only. The US media's cultural disconnect is one of the reasons why it did not correctly present the facts in last year's US elections. Apply this to your own companies. Is your, or your management's, culture disconnected from the market? If so, better aligning culture to market reality will only help you in the long run.


How I work 70 hours a week without burning out

Imagine a perfect week and write down all the tasks you wish to achieve. Write a list of the habits you wish to change in a given month and the commitments you're happy to make for each habit. For example, if your new habit is to sleep more, commit to turning off all digital devices by 9 p.m. Article suggests the Productive app.


500 Modern Art Books, for Free

Work should not be all work and no fun. If you're stuck in the office and have time to spare consider downloading any of these amazing modern art books to break the routine. These have been made available by the Guggenheim Museum. These also make great gifts to share by email. You can directly download the PDFs of any of these books. Its legal and free.


Why Every Project Manager Needs a Supportive Executive Sponsor

Start any project by identifying the executive sponsor. Train your sponsor on the strategic effects your project has (consider this book). Send monthly updates to your sponsor to keep the relationship warm and transparent. Use your sponsor to get mentorship and high-level strategic suggestions that can make the project more successful.


Clayton Christensen (The Innovator's Dilemma) on How to Build a Disruptive Business

Phenomenal 20-minute summary on the book The Innovator's Dilemma as explained by the author himself. The first slide covers all the main topics in the book