Week of July 8th, 2017

12 articles worth reading


Everything I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Demoing SaaS

Short article (~20 minute read) on how to sell a SaaS service more effectively. Article contains great references to books, quotes, techniques used, among others.


Google Employees Weighed in on What Makes a Highly Effective Manager (Technical Expertise Came in Last)

According to Google, to be a good leader and manager you need to be more personable than technical. The results of this study will likely affect the perception of many technical managers.


How We Save Face - Researchers Crack the Brain's Facial-Recognition Code

Once in a while we find a truly fascinating article, in management our actions are guided by our subconscious or inner-mind. This article casts new light into aspects of how dependent we are on automated mental functions.


Best Answer to “Sell Me This Pen” I Have Ever Seen

Gather information, reflect on information, create a case for the need, and ask for the sale (with a little of time pressure) ― clever strategy to sell about anything.


How I Took an API Side Project to over 250 Million Daily Requests With a $0 Marketing Budget

Solving a customer need vs. pushing a new product to a customer with no need, leads to incredibly different outcomes. This story, along with "I make $10,000 per month with the Amazon Affiliate Program—AMA" are great case studies to deliver what customers want.


The Art of Innovation (Summary)

We summarized The Art of Innovation because we want to encourage our members to think outside of the box and have a go-to-recipe to validate ideas. The articles above which focus on sales & marketing can also help you identify how to clearly communicate your new ideas.


The Brains Behind Beautycon

The incredible story of how one entrepreneur's passion transformed a small Meetup-group into a large conference for fashionistas and makeup artists.


New Managers Should Focus on Helping Their Teams, Not Pleasing Their Bosses

"Instead of trying to please your boss, make an effort to help your team members adjust to your new role by demonstrating three things: trust; character; and influence."


When you present, do you pace a lot?

When you present, if you pace across the stage every 30-60 seconds, stop it! If you're a pacer, change positions at most once every five minutes.


How Do You Break A Bad Habit? Trick Yourself

Our identity define us. Our identity is a composition of habits. Some of those habits are bad habits that need to be replaced. This video is a great analysis of how to change our bad habits to improve our identity. Watch it until minute 5:00.