Week of July 15th, 2017

12 articles worth reading



If you have 90 minutes, watch this movie HOME (2009) today on YouTube. IMDB gives it 8.6/10, it has 16,000 comments on YouTube, and has received many awards.

In brief, if you're a corporate manager, student, aspiring entrepreneur, consider for a second the demise of our planet, and the opportunity we have to develop new business models that can help heal our planet. At You Exec we call such ventures, startups and companies as a whole the "Earth Economy." We will release more news on these ventures in the future. In related news, this week a massive Antarctic ice shelf is ready to break apart.


Invisible unicorns: 35 big companies that started with little or no money

Incredible stories of how Cards Against Humanity, Wayfair, Lynda, among others built their businesses from the ground up without any funding.


How to Experiment with SaaS Pricing Strategies - Teardowns of Shopify, Zendesk, and StatusPage

Porsche is among one of the many examples used where higher prices can lead to more sales.


How To Get Press for Your Startup: The Complete Guide

Title says it all. You don't need many of the tools that are suggested, yet they are nice to have. Covers everything from press releases, contacting media folks, etc. This article can also be used for internal promotion.


How to Grow 3000% a Year Without Making a Mess

The story of how Paint Nite and other do-something-somewhere ventures were able to take off. Topics covered include pricing, marketing, product development. This is fantastic case study to ready.


The 2 Underrated Startup Success Factors

Timing is the number one most important factor to a new product's success. Followed by a myriad of other factors that distinguishes success from failure. Also, become a learning animal if you wan to attract funding.


Change by Design (Summary)

We summarized Change By Design because we want to encourage our members to think outside of the box and have a go-to-recipe to validate ideas.


The Great American Bubble Machine

The story of how Goldman Sachs became the machine that it is today. They basically create global bubbles, market the bubble and then burst it. Incredible read if you have 30-45 minutes.


The man who built a $1bn firm in his basement

The story of Soti. What is incredible about this is that Oracle, Google, SAP and other enterprise software companies completely missed the boat in the mobile management space. Getting a purchase of 20,000 license orders in one go in only possible in a B2B market.


Jawbone's demise a case of 'death by overfunding' in Silicon Valley

We love stories of failure. Jawbone shocked the world and its investors earlier this month when news of its liquidation came out. As a case study, this article speaks volumes.


How Do You Break A Bad Habit? Trick Yourself [REPEAT]

Our identity define us. Our identity is a composition of habits. Some of those habits are bad habits that need to be replaced. This video is a great analysis of how to change our bad habits to improve our identity. Watch it until minute 5:00.


Introductory bullshit detection for non-technical managers

Bullshit, it lives everywhere — in our politics, corporate spaces, organizations, etc. If you work in the tech space, and are non-technical, its likely you see a lot of invisible bullshit. Use this guide to see it, and fend of from it.