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As a designer, freelancer, consultant, corporate buyer, or small business, you need your invoices to speak for your professionalism as well as get you paid. Below, we explain how you can personalize your invoices with PowerPoint better than Excel or Word, and how to use a fully customizable Invoice Models we created to get started. If you want to go straight to the resource, scroll below now.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

How to:

Create an invoice with PowerPoint

So how can good invoice design increase your profits? When you approach your invoices like calling cards for your business, good design can speak for your professionalism and help to get you repeat work. Secondly, if you design your invoice in a user-friendly way, your clients can easily get the information they need to pay you on time.

On the first point: You want your invoices to look good, but you don't want to make them designful to the point where they're too playful, as it could cheapen your service and make it look unprofessional. For instance, you don't want your client to think you spend too much time on your invoice design because you don't have enough paying clients! By contrast, having good-looking invoice signals that your business is legitimate and that you get consistent work, even if is actually your first time.

So how do you make a professional invoice? If you've never made an invoice before, there are a few key elements you need to include: the product or services provided to the client, the contact information for both you and your client, the amount owed for the work, and the due date. It's also good to draw the payer's attention to the total amount so they can pay you with as little reading as possible. You'll also see this invoice has the payment method easily accessible too so the payer knows exactly how to pay the invoice.

So how do you make invoices that show off your professionalism and help you get more work? Make them in PowerPoint. Making a PowerPoint invoice is superior to making one in a Word doc, as Word is meant for text-based layouts with the occasional picture. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is more contextual, allowing you to drag and drop anything into any position you want. Since invoices are one-pagers, you need design flexibility to rearrange elements to ensure they all fit on one page, which is easier on PowerPoint than in Word or Excel.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

PowerPoint allows you to utilize different colors, bolding, or header sizes to draw the eye to the most important details. This personalization can make the difference between a positive user experience and a confusing one. You don't want your payments delayed due to missed information, but you also don't want the invoice to feel too crowded with too much information.

For the billable charges, use a PowerPoint table instead of text boxes. This makes alignment easy and convenient for multiple line items. Finally, include the final total as a bigger number than the others. This number can go at the top of the invoice or at the bottom. If it's at the top, the recipient knows right away what to pay. If it's at the bottom, it's more subtle, like a summary, especially if your invoice has a lot of line items.

Unlike other invoice generators that don't have the flexibility to dictate what goes where, design with PowerPoint allows you to add or subtract additional elements like business expenses, taxes and fees, or customer discounts. If you're interested in taking your design to the next level, you should check out our video explainer on The Design of Everyday ThingsThe Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman.

Now, if you don't want to create a designfully beautiful, personalized PowerPoint invoice from scratch, you can use our Invoice template collection to save time and hours of work. This template has invoices for everyone, whether you are a contractor, small business, corporate vendor or purchaser, consultant, or freelancer.

This product-centric invoice lists products, price per unit, and the number of units. It also accounts for tax and any applicable discount. Sum the tax minus the discount for the grand total due. Under terms and conditions, list any specific billing details like date due. (Slide 8)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Hourly rate invoice

The template also includes a "pay now" button that can be copied and pasted across each invoice in the collection so you can direct link to your preferred payment service. Just right-click on the button and update the URL to your payment link. For example, you could add it to this service-centered invoice designed for hourly contractors. It lists out the tasks accomplished, their hourly rate, the number of hours and the total. (Slide 19)

Consultant invoice

This consultant-focused design offers a similar use case, but if you bill your clients on a flat fee basis, simply remove the hours and rate columns for the total amount. This visualization also allows you to include your signature at the bottom. (Slide 20)

Subscription or SaaS

This consultant-focused design offers a similar use-case, but if you bill your clients on a flat fee basis, simply remove the hours and rate columns for the total amount. This visualization also allows you to include your signature at the bottom. (Slide 25)

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Invoice with expenditure

This design adds a section for expenses incurred during a service period, such as travel and transportation, which is especially useful for freelancers and contractors who need additional resources to supplement their core services. If you don't need extra expenses, delete it for a basic invoice design. You may want this design for continuing relationships with repeat clients since the bottom summary tallies the "to date" billing, last invoice date and amount, or any outstanding amounts. (Slide 35)

Get paid on time every time

Since many invoices are created and transmitted digitally now, there could be software incompatibilities between your system and your payer's system. To avoid complications, export the final version of your invoice as a PDF to ensure your layout and design are translated correctly. Exporting to a PDF is also good for preventing "accidental" editing since a PDF locks the content.

For more invoice templates, check out our Invoice Collection spreadsheet collection as well. These personalized templates are great for helping you get repeat work and avoiding spam filters that are trying to stop invoice fraud scams. To learn more about the PayPal invoice scam going around right now, definitely check out the video we created about it here. Both collections will impress your clients with fully personalized, designfully beautiful invoices, and make it as easy as possible for them to pay you on time, every time.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates