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Every day, hundreds of sales presentations are met with insipid feedback that delays the sales process and wastes time and resources. To avoid this, invest more energy and labor into the discovery and preparation process and deliver a top-notch client presentation with this customizable Sales Pitch Deck to hear nothing but a solid "Yes!" in the end.

Slide highlights

Use this slide to introduce your company profile and mission. Founder of Acrolinx, Andrew Bredenkamp, says: "Don't fall into the trap of choosing trite, non-differentiating factors such as 'friendly,' 'honest,' 'reliable,'[...] as brand values."

Introduce the amazing talent on your team, which will make the presentation more relatable and authentic. This will help to demonstrate both the expertise of your team members and your own leadership abilities.

Make sure that your presentation touches upon your audiences'highest concerns. Talk about the enticing solutions to the problems your company is providing in detail leaving your prospects in no doubt that you are the answer to their prayers

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


In a nutshell, a sales pitch deck is a slide presentation with the main goal of educating the prospect about a solution your product or service offers and, well, selling it. Besides being brief, pertinent, visually-engaging and informative, your sales pitch presentation should be the following:


Do not waste your audiences' time over-selling and introduce the solution from the get-go. Experts from McKinsey & Company, who certainly know a thing or two about solutions, suggest defining the problem and making sure you are not solving a symptom, making strong hypotheses and creating slides like a consultant.

"The biggest mistake people make in the business world is mistaking showing a lot of information versus telling a compelling story. This is an easy mistake to make — especially if you are the one that did hours of analysis. It may seem important, but when it comes down to making a slide and a presentation, you end up deleting more information rather than adding," the company explains in a blog post.

Backed-up by data

Case studies are your best friends. When the solutions are laid out on the table, talk about actual case studies to draw the bigger picture. This will allow you to establish credibility and therefore, gain trust with the prospects.


A successful presentation shouldn't be a one-man show, so start a dialogue and receive feedback on the spot. You can achieve this by taking the time to ask simple questions, such as "How does this sound to you?" (avoid asking "Does this make sense?" as the question creates doubt and uncertainty) or "Do you think this could work for you?"

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


Recheck docs sales deck

A blockchain document protection platform, ReCheck, does a great job emphasizing the solutions it provides to the prospects' problems in their 10-slide presentation. The problems and solutions are neatly listed using bullet points, so they are easy to follow and comprehend. ReCheck also made sure to include an outline of their product benefits, as well explanation of how the product works.

Richter sales deck

Richter, a sales journey-solution company, created an 11-slide deck, which opens with a powerful introduction of the problem. Richter then walks the prospects through the company's value proposition and offers a solution. The deck is well-organized and provides information on who the company serves and what the clients have to say about their experience with Richter. These testimonials add credibility and appeal to the audience. The presentation ends with the company's fees, which also adds transparency to the message it sends.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates