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You Exec is an exclusive membership-based business organization. We create sleek and useful corporate resources that are unlike anything else on the market. Our members are business managers, directors, and VPs who work in a corporate environment.

We are seeking Excel Modelers to create corporate-ready Excel models and produce a 5-minute explainer video for each model. The candidate should have years of hands-on experience and expert knowledge in Excel modeling, and is familiar with corporate guidelines, requirements, and terminologies.

We pay a flat fee for each model + video, and can assign you two to four models per month. You can work at your own pace in a remote location, as long as you are communicative, reliable, and observe deadlines.

To apply, complete and submit the form below:

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Content Development Internship

We are seeking a Content Development Intern who can help us with new ideas and designs to be incorporated into our upcoming releases. Throughout this process, we hope that you can gain experience in content research and generation, industry insights, as well as some useful design skills that will be beneficial to your long-term career development. Please read the following description and details carefully before applying.

The ideal candidate:

  • Has experience and is willing to be trained in Microsoft PowerPoint, including design elements and animations. See examples here - https://youexec.com/free-powerpoint-templates/

  • Has excellent computer skills and is fast at learning new programs if needed

  • Has excellent reading and writing skills

  • Has a good eye for visuals and designs

  • Is responsive, reliable, communicative, and adheres to instruction details and deadlines

  • Is proactive and can demonstrate creativity in the workplace

  • This position would be especially helpful to students who’re interested in pursuing a career in business, consulting, finance, etc. Though that is not a requirement and we’re open to anyone who shows enthusiasm about the internship.

Internship details:

  • This is a paid internship.

  • You must be able to work from our office for a minimum of 8 hours per month.

  • You must be able to bring your own laptop to work on.

  • The internship period is 3 months, but we will be happy to extend for the suitable candidate.

Our office is in located in the Westwood neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Depending on your schedule, we are flexible with the days/times you come into the office, as long as that is discussed ahead of time. You will get to work in a highly entrepreneurial setting with a small team of alumni from UCLA, Berkeley, and MIT. Upon initiating the internship, we will provide all necessary trainings needed for you to deliver your best work.

To apply: email resume and any work sample to CONTENT@YOUEXEC.COM.

Linkedin Endorser

Make $50 to $500 while attracting hundreds of thousands of people to your Linkedin profile.

Are you an active Linkedin user with over 500 connections? We can attract thousands of viewers to your profile while you earn passive income. At You Exec we create corporate resources that Linkedin users love. Our articles receive thousands of views and comments, see the screenshots below:


We will ask you to draft and publish an article via your Linkedin profile. That is it. The article will have a few images and videos. The article is 100% amazing, it will be a book summary, a Powerpoint presentation, or a resource that can help Linkedin members be more successful at their jobs.

We will use our software to promote your article so hundreds of thousands of people can see your profile. You will also get lots of connections and followers as well. We will pay you $50 to publish the post (which will only take you 30 minutes) and based on how many people will visit your profile and article we will pay up to $500. We pay using PayPal.


Business Book Summaries

You Exec is an exclusive membership-based business organization. All our members are business managers, directors, VPs, among others — who work in a corporate environment. We are seeking a writer, familiar with business terminologies, who can summarize business books. Each of our book summaries are between 4,000 to 5,000 words — all of our book summaries also have an audio version, which we ask the writer to record.


How we pay:

  • For a 4,000 to 5,000 word book summary we pay $800 USD.

  • We cover the price of the book, you must purchase your book copy via Amazon.

  • For the audio recording, we pay $1 for every minute of sound. That is, for a two-page book summary the audio version should be around ten minutes — and we would pay $10. The sound does not need to be professionally recorded, most of our writers use a smartphone with a basic headphone to record.

  • We pay within 24-48 hours after receiving your article if there are no revisions.

  • We use PayPal to transfer funds.

  • All payments are in USD.


The ideal candidate:

  • Has already published or is a contributor with Forbes, The Atlantic, New York Times, Huffington Post, or similar publications.

  • Has a business degree or is very familiar with business topics, strategies, etc.

  • Works remotely, and is willing to sometimes chat by phone or Skype.

  • Can write at a minimum one book summary per month.


Sample book summaries:

Here are a few of our book summaries. The ideal candidate should be able to write a similar summary. To write a summary, the only detail we give our writers is the title of the book and the appropriate Amazon link.


To apply:

  • Complete and submit the form below.

  • Include 2-3 links or samples of your past articles.

  • If you have published in Forbes, The Atlantic, New York Times, Huffington Post, or similar publications — include direct links to your articles.

  • If we like your application we will start you off with your first book summary.

  • You Exec has the right to refuse any work that does not meet our quality standards.

  • After your first assignment we will continue sending you weekly book summary requests depending on your availability.

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