Business Strategies and Frameworks (Part 1)

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Learn from some of the most useful and popular business strategies and frameworks from our compilation. Apply the content, diagram, and graphs from this 50-slide deck to your next project.


This presentation include the following business strategies and frameworks: strategic dialogue, blue ocean method, BCG Growth-Share Matrix, value disciplines, value chain model, area charts, Porter’s Five Forces, the Four P’s of Marketing, value-based management, growth model, MABA Analysis, eight phases of change, Six Sigma, waterfall charts, roadmapping, customer journey mapping, Big Hairy Audacious Goal, opportunity segments mapping, network analysis, purchasing model, value stream mapping, EFQM Model, Activity-Based Costing, Six Thinking Hats, Curry’s Client Pyramid, PESTEL Analysis, branding pentagram, business scope, Baldrige Excellence, business process redesign, 3C strategic triangle, Marimekko chart, strategy development model, Plan-Do-Check-Act, hierarchy of needs, Hofstede’s Dimensions, industry cost curve, VRIO Analysis, house of purchasing and supply, Opportunity/Vulnerability, cause-and-effect diagram, strategic business planning methodology, APQC framework, six steps of Kaizen, rater model, Toyota Production System, Theories E & O of Change, 5 learning disciplines, Harvard model of HR, and 5C marketing analysis.