Change Management

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How can you evolve your organization for the better while carrying out the changes seamlessly and effectively? Use our Change Management presentation to plan out a smooth and well-organized handling of changes within your organization.


This deck employs techniques, frameworks, as well as detailed charts that analyzes your organization’s current situation while planning for the future. The presentation begins with an introduction of the Change Management Model, highlighting its fundamentals and components. It then transitions into an extensive explanation of the various forces and barriers to the reorientation of an organization. For a high-level understanding of the different systems in change management, refer to the Bridge Transition Model and Change Transition Curve Model. The Organization Change Readiness Checklist, Contributing Activities, and Resistance to Change are provided to further assist in the cooperation of vital team members. Take full advantage of the Gap Analysis, Change Management Strategies, Phases of Change and Timeline slides in order to efficiently plan the organization’s transition. Finally, make use of the Change Management Questionnaire and Management Feedback to gather a clear analysis of company progress.