December, 2017



You Exec 2017 Gift

For all our members, we have created this animated presentation which you can customize with your own message and logo to thank your team or organization for an amazing 2017 and an even better 2018.



25+ Video Backgrounds

Use these slides with looping background videos to inspire your customers and welcome your audiences. Download all video backgrounds in either Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote formats. Watch all the video backgrounds in the video below.




INNOVATION & Management


How did Ray Dalio, the child of an ordinary medium-class family create the world’s largest, and most successful hedge fund, currently managing over $150 billion USD? In a word: principles.

Ray Dalio created a set of principles for personal and professional life that serves as an operating system for living based on radical honesty and radical transparency thriving within an idea meritocracy. An idea meritocracy is "a system that brings together smart, independent thinkers and has them productively disagree...


The Startup Way — released in early-October 2017 — is the continuation of the award-winning The Lean Startup — both written by Eric Ries. The Lean Startup introduced "lean manufacturing" techniques into the innovation community and is credited with institutionalizing "agile methodologies," "lean processes," and "A/B testing."

The Startup Way builds on the same topics and introduces new techniques to identify and develop cutting-edge products within large organizations. The book introduces: a "Metered Funding" model to add resources and funding to successful pilots, a model to create an entrepreneurial culture within an organization based on meritocracy, among other techniques. These techniques will shift your organization's culture towards one that is focused on innovation and positive financial outcomes.