January, 2018




2017 was a year filled with politics and negative energy. With the new year we figured we’d create a 2018 Mad-Cat Calendar – each cat representing a world leader. Feel free to change the text and use this as a gift for your customers. Or replace the images with your products and create your own corporate calendar. That way your stakeholders, clients, and customers have something to remember you for the entire year.


Aqua Presentaion

Sometimes the best decks have the least words. That is why we created Aqua. This white-on-dark-blue deck is great for corporate presentations and investor pitch decks. Fully animated (watch the video below) and with 70+ pre-made slides — this deck will save you hours of work.





How to Fire Your Enemies as a Group...

We interviewed a group of HR corporate executives at a recent Fortune 100 event and came upon a fascinating new layoff tactic. This tactic is relevant to (1) managers in mid-to-large organizations who wish to improve their political capital, and (2) non-managers who do not wish to be laid off. As a manager, you can use this tactic to gain power by eliminating individuals who tax your reputation and your political capital.