Business Strategy


Business Strategy


How to DEFEAT a larger competitor WIth AUDIO

When people come to the realization that their weaknesses can be their biggest strengths, they realize that they can move mountains. If we’ve learned anything from the story of David and Goliath, it’s that the underdog can slay the giant when he identifies his opponent’s weaknesses, and when he plays by his own rules...


Use game theory to develop better strategies

Have you ever had to dissect a complicated business scenario and were confused as to where to begin, or how to analyze the problem? Game theory is the science of predicting the outcome of a scenario or game by understanding the rewards and risks associated with each decision. Game theory can help anyone identify the best strategy or tactic...


How to separate signal from all the management noise

The Halo Effect: . . . helps managers think for themselves, rather than listen to the parade of management experts and consultants and celebrity CEOs, each claiming to have the next new thing. Think of it as a guide for the reflective manager, a way to separate the nuggets from the nonsense.


Use your obsessions to create better products WIth AUDIO

Obsessions can be valuable when they are controlled and focused. A positive obsession can lead to maximizing potential, and put an end to the “epidemic of average.” Denying obsessions will result in ignoring dreams, and tolerating mediocrity. Being obsessed is a full-time job with no weekends, no vacations, and no breaks. The rewards, however, are limitless. Obsession is the single common factor that all hugely successful people share. Learning how to identify and nurture obsessions is the key to obtaining success regardless of education, capital, and abilities.