Apple Inc. is a great example of a company that effectively uses data visualization to understand its revenue streams. They use data visualization to break down their revenue streams into categories such as product sales, services, and other income. This allows them to see which areas are performing well and which areas need improvement. They can also see trends over time and make informed decisions about future products and services.

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Data visualization charts can help in predicting future trends in consumer behavior towards newer and older versions of a product by providing a visual representation of past and current trends. They can show the revenue split between newer and previous generations of the product, indicating whether consumers are more attracted to the latest versions or prefer older ones. By analyzing these trends, businesses can predict future consumer behavior and make informed decisions about product development and marketing strategies.

Some alternative strategies to visualize the revenue split between newer and previous generations of a product line could include using stacked bar charts, pie charts, or line graphs. Stacked bar charts can show the total revenue and the contribution of each generation to that total. Pie charts can provide a clear visual of the percentage each generation contributes to the total revenue. Line graphs can show the trend of revenue generation over time for each product generation.

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