A business can balance between strategy and execution to avoid cost overruns by having a robust cost management strategy. This strategy should be flexible enough to allow for adjustments and corrections as needed. It's also important to have a clear understanding of the costs involved in each stage of the strategy and execution process. Regular monitoring and evaluation of the strategy and its execution can also help in identifying potential cost overruns early and taking corrective action. Communication and collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the strategy and execution process is also crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding costs and expectations.

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Some external factors that can affect the effectiveness of a cost management strategy include market fluctuations, changes in labor costs, changes in material costs, regulatory changes, economic conditions, and competitive actions.

A cost management strategy can contribute to the growth of a business by providing it with the freedom to make the right choices, remedy the shortcomings between strategy and execution, and fuel growth. It helps avoid cost overruns that can divert funds allocated for other purposes and needs. With a top-notch cost management strategy, a business can effectively manage its costs, which can lead to improved profitability and growth.

Some potential obstacles and challenges in implementing a cost management strategy include resistance to change, lack of understanding or knowledge about cost management, inadequate resources, and poor communication. It can also be challenging to align the cost management strategy with the overall business strategy and to ensure that it is effectively executed.

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