A company can measure the effectiveness of its team by identifying and addressing any dysfunctions that may be hindering the team's performance. This could include issues with decision-making, commitment, or other factors that are causing the company to lose market share. By resolving these issues, the company can turn a dysfunctional group into an effective, committed team.

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A company's leadership structure can contribute to team dysfunctions in several ways. If the leadership is not clear and decisive, it can lead to confusion and lack of direction within the team. This can result in the team being unable to make important decisions, leading to loss of market share. Additionally, if the leadership does not effectively identify and address the dysfunctions within the team, it can lead to further issues and prevent the team from becoming effective and committed.

Long-term effects of team dysfunctions on a company can be detrimental. They can lead to poor decision-making, loss of market share, and overall inefficiency. Dysfunctional teams can also lead to a lack of commitment and motivation among team members, which can further impact the company's performance and productivity. It's crucial for leaders to identify and address these dysfunctions to turn the team into an effective and committed unit.

A company can leverage its talented individuals to overcome team dysfunctions by identifying the dysfunctions that are disabling the team. Once these dysfunctions are identified, the leader can work on eliminating these issues. This can turn a dysfunctional group into an effective, committed team. The talented individuals can be given roles that play to their strengths and they can be encouraged to contribute their ideas and solutions to overcome the dysfunctions.

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