A company can recover from a failed brand positioning strategy by first acknowledging the failure and understanding where it went wrong. This could involve conducting market research to understand customer perceptions and needs. The company should then redefine its brand positioning strategy, ensuring it aligns with its core values and resonates with its target audience. It may also be beneficial to launch a rebranding campaign to communicate the new positioning to customers. Lastly, the company should monitor and adjust the new strategy as necessary to ensure it remains effective.

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A company can communicate its brand positioning to its target audience through various ways. These include advertising, public relations, direct marketing, website and social media, product packaging, sales promotions, and other marketing channels. The company can also use its unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate itself from competitors. The USP should be communicated consistently across all channels to reinforce the brand's positioning.

A company can use its brand positioning strategy to attract new customers by creating a unique and clear brand image that communicates its core values effectively. This can lead to wider brand awareness and higher customer loyalty. Even if competitors offer similar services at comparable prices, they can't replicate the unique brand positioning of the company.

Some strategies for maintaining a strong brand positioning in a competitive market include: consistently communicating your brand's unique value proposition, investing in brand awareness campaigns, maintaining high quality standards, and continuously innovating to stay ahead of competitors. It's also important to listen to customer feedback and adapt accordingly.

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