Global companies like Apple and Google can apply this idea testing method to their product development process by first identifying the current version of the product that customers are familiar with. They can then create variations of the product for testing. These variations can be visualized for better understanding. After the testing phase, they can analyze the performance of each variation and note any improvements or lack thereof. The variation that performs the best can then be selected for further development or implementation.

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Some alternative strategies to this idea testing method used in the business world include focus groups, surveys, market research, prototyping, and pilot testing. Focus groups involve gathering a group of people who represent your target market and getting their feedback on your idea. Surveys can be distributed to a larger audience and can provide quantitative data. Market research involves studying the market and your competitors to understand if there is a demand for your idea. Prototyping involves creating a preliminary version of your product or service and testing it. Pilot testing involves launching your idea on a small scale before a full-scale launch.

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