Global companies like Apple and Google can utilize a profit and loss statement to monitor their business performance by analyzing their revenues, costs, and expenses during a specific period. This statement provides an overview of the company's financial performance and profitability. It helps in identifying trends, comparing projected performance with actual performance, and making informed business decisions. It also helps in tracking performance over time with profit and margin line charts. The profit and loss statement is a crucial tool for these companies to understand their financial health and make strategic decisions for growth.

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If a company's growth percentage does not align with the projections made for the business, it could have several implications. It might indicate that the company is not meeting its targets, which could be due to a variety of factors such as market conditions, operational inefficiencies, or strategic missteps. This could potentially impact the company's profitability and financial health. It could also affect the company's reputation and credibility with investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it could necessitate a reevaluation of the company's business strategy and plans.

Some alternative methods to track business performance over time include monitoring cash flow, analyzing expenses and income with bar charts, and calculating the company's growth percentage throughout the year. Other methods could include tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), using balance sheets, and conducting SWOT analysis.

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