Global companies like Apple or Google maintain their market presence during periods of research and development by leveraging their existing products and services. They continue to sell and improve upon these, offering updates, upgrades, and enhanced features to keep customers engaged and satisfied. They also invest in marketing and branding efforts to keep their brand at the forefront of consumers' minds. Additionally, they may diversify their revenue streams, venturing into new markets or developing new business models. Finally, they maintain strong relationships with their stakeholders, communicating their vision and long-term plans to keep them invested in the company's future.

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A good example of a company that successfully tweaked its revenue strategy during a period of research and development is Patreon. Patreon is a platform that allows creators to earn a sustainable income by offering subscription plans to their fans. During a period of research and development, Patreon decided to tweak its revenue model by introducing new subscription tiers. This allowed them to maintain their market presence and deliver exciting financial reports, even when there were no new products to be sold to customers.

During periods of research and development, businesses can employ several strategies to deliver exciting financial reports. They can focus on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, which can lead to increased profit margins. They can also diversify their revenue streams by exploring new markets or offering new services. Additionally, they can invest in marketing and customer retention strategies to increase sales from existing customers. Lastly, they can provide regular updates on the progress of their research and development efforts to keep investors informed and engaged.

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