In your online makeup selling business, vision can be used in several ways.

Firstly, you need to have a clear vision of what you want your business to achieve. This could be in terms of sales, customer base, or brand recognition.

Secondly, your vision should guide your business strategies. For example, if your vision is to provide high-quality makeup products, your strategies should focus on sourcing the best products, providing excellent customer service, and building a strong brand image.

Thirdly, your vision can be used to inspire and motivate your team. Sharing your vision with your team can help them understand the direction of the business and their role in achieving it.

Lastly, your vision can be communicated to your customers to build trust and loyalty. Customers are more likely to buy from businesses that have a clear vision and values that align with their own.

Remember, your vision should be flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market and customer preferences.

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