Risks during the innovation process can be minimized by ensuring a thorough understanding of customer needs, conducting detailed analysis and testing, and obtaining buy-in from the organization. It's also important to remember that innovation should provide value and solve problems, so focusing on these aspects can also help reduce risks.

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Customer insights can be incorporated into the innovation process in several ways. First, by conducting customer surveys and interviews to understand their needs and preferences. Second, by analyzing customer behavior data to identify trends and patterns. Third, by involving customers in the ideation process through co-creation workshops or innovation labs. Lastly, by testing new ideas with customers and gathering their feedback for improvement.

An organization can ensure that its innovation efforts are sustainable in the long term by fostering a culture of innovation, understanding customer needs, and implementing a systematic approach to risk management. It's also important to continuously analyze and test new ideas, and to secure buy-in from all levels of the organization.

Some ways to promote a customer-centric approach in the innovation process include understanding and prioritizing the customer's needs, involving customers in the innovation process, using customer feedback to guide innovation, and designing products or services that solve customer problems.

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