System One thinking can be modified to better accommodate new experiences by being open to new patterns of thought. Instead of trying to fit a new experience into existing thought patterns, one should create new types of thought to fit the experience. This can be achieved by learning and understanding the dynamics of the new experience, and adapting one's thinking accordingly. For instance, a doctor who has only worked independently can learn about the dynamics of group work to better fit into a team atmosphere.

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System One thinking can impact the learning process by limiting the ability to adapt to new experiences. This type of thinking tends to fit new experiences into existing patterns of thought, rather than creating new thought patterns to accommodate the new experiences. This can hinder learning, as it may prevent the individual from fully understanding or adapting to new situations or concepts.

Some techniques to shift from System One to System Two thinking include: practicing mindfulness, which can help you become more aware of your automatic responses and make a conscious effort to shift to more analytical thinking; engaging in critical thinking exercises, which can help you develop your analytical skills; and seeking out new experiences, which can challenge your existing patterns of thought and encourage you to think in new ways.

System One thinking can negatively affect interpersonal relationships in a team. This is because it involves trying to fit new experiences into existing patterns of thought, rather than creating new thought patterns to suit the new experiences. In a team setting, this could lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, as individuals may not fully understand or appreciate the dynamics of the group. For example, a doctor who has only worked independently may struggle to fit into a team if they rely solely on their past experiences and thoughts, without learning about the dynamics of groups.

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