The concept of a dedicated team and a performance engine can apply to other business processes in a similar way. A dedicated team, focused on innovation or a specific project, can work alongside the performance engine, which is responsible for maintaining established operations. These two groups may compete for resources, but their collaboration can lead to improved business processes. However, it's important to manage the friction that can arise between these two groups.

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The principles of innovation can be applied to the relationship between the dedicated team and the performance engine by fostering a partnership between the two. This involves understanding that while these two groups compete for the same resources, their processes are different. Steps can be taken to reduce the friction between these two groups, such as clear communication, mutual respect, and understanding each other's roles and responsibilities.

Some potential pitfalls in the relationship between the dedicated team and the performance engine could include competition for resources, differences in processes, and inevitable friction. These issues can lead to conflicts and inefficiencies if not properly managed.

Effectively managing the friction between the dedicated team and the performance engine can lead to several benefits. It can foster a more harmonious working environment, improve resource allocation, and enhance overall productivity. It can also lead to better communication and understanding between the two teams, which can result in more innovative and effective solutions. Furthermore, it can prevent potential conflicts and misunderstandings that could hinder the progress and success of projects.

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