The exact comparison of the cost of the 2022 World Cup to previous World Cups is not provided in the content. However, it is mentioned that the 2022 World Cup is expected to make almost 3 times return on investment and its profits are 4 times that of other major sporting events. This suggests that the cost might be higher compared to previous World Cups, but also the returns are significantly higher.

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Future World Cup host countries can learn several lessons from Qatar's experience with the 2022 World Cup. Firstly, they should be aware of the significant costs associated with hosting the event, including the construction of arenas and other infrastructure. Secondly, they should take into account the potential controversies and human rights issues, as seen in Qatar with the migrant worker deaths. Thirdly, they should consider the potential return on investment, as the World Cup can generate substantial profits. Lastly, they should understand that the profits from the World Cup are significantly higher than other major sporting events.

The cultural implications of the 2022 World Cup for Qatar could be significant. It could lead to increased global visibility and cultural exchange, as people from around the world come to Qatar for the event. However, it could also lead to cultural clashes and tensions, as the country's conservative Islamic culture comes into contact with more liberal Western norms. Additionally, the event could lead to increased scrutiny of Qatar's human rights record, particularly in relation to the treatment of migrant workers involved in World Cup preparations.

The potential political implications of the 2022 World Cup for Qatar could be significant. Hosting such a major event can put a country in the global spotlight, which can lead to increased scrutiny and criticism. In the case of Qatar, controversies such as the treatment of migrant workers and the high number of worker deaths could lead to political fallout. Additionally, the World Cup could also be used as a platform for political protests or demonstrations. However, on the positive side, successfully hosting the World Cup could boost Qatar's international reputation and influence.

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