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Netflix has faced increased competition from other streaming services, particularly Disney+. While Disney+ has grown from zero to 138 million subscribers, Netflix has only gained 58 million subscribers. Additionally, Netflix has identified widespread account sharing as a significant issue, with 100 million households using its service without paying.

Netflix could employ several strategies to win over its more frugal viewers. Firstly, it could introduce an ad-supported tier, which could attract viewers who are not willing to pay the full subscription fee. This would convert them into monetizable customers. Secondly, Netflix could implement a system that requires users to pay for additional households, addressing the issue of widespread account sharing. Lastly, Netflix could focus on increasing the quality and variety of its content to compete with the rising number of shows on rival streaming services.

Increased competition in streaming services can potentially lead to a rise in the quality of shows. This is because each service will strive to differentiate itself and attract viewers, often through high-quality, exclusive content. However, it could also lead to an oversaturation of content, making it harder for viewers to find quality shows amongst the vast number of options.

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