The political environment of a country can significantly impact its status as an emerging market. Political stability, government policies, regulatory environment, and the level of corruption can all influence the economic growth and investment climate of a country. A stable political environment with pro-business policies can attract foreign investments, boost economic growth, and enhance the status of a country as an emerging market. On the other hand, political instability, frequent changes in government policies, high levels of corruption, and a restrictive regulatory environment can deter foreign investments, hinder economic growth, and negatively impact the status of a country as an emerging market.

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An organization can effectively track and analyze the macro-environmental factors of emerging markets by using tools like PESTEL Analysis. This tool helps in analyzing and tracking the macro-environmental factors that may impact a venture's performance. It's also critical to determine the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the emerging market, as it provides information about the size and health of the country's economy.

Social factors that influence the growth of emerging markets include cultural norms and values, population growth rates, age distribution, education levels, and social mobility. These factors can affect consumer behavior and demand, labor markets, and business practices, among other things.

The legal framework of a country can significantly impact its attractiveness as an emerging market. A strong legal framework provides stability and predictability, which are crucial for businesses. It ensures the protection of property rights, enforcement of contracts, and fair dispute resolution, which are essential for attracting foreign investments. Moreover, it also affects the ease of doing business, regulatory compliance, and overall business environment. However, a weak or unstable legal framework can deter investors due to the risks associated with legal uncertainties, corruption, and lack of enforcement.

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