The story of Theranos has had a significant impact on corporate strategies and business models in Silicon Valley. It served as a cautionary tale about the dangers of overhyping a product without having a solid scientific foundation or proven results. This has led to a greater emphasis on transparency, due diligence, and corporate governance in the tech industry. Investors are now more cautious and thorough in their vetting processes, demanding more proof of concept and rigorous testing before investing. Companies are also more aware of the importance of ethical leadership and corporate responsibility.

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Yes, there are several companies that have successfully implemented the vision of a portable device for blood tests. One such example is Abbott Laboratories, which has developed a handheld device called i-STAT that can perform a variety of blood tests. Another example is Roche Diagnostics, which offers a handheld blood glucose monitoring system. These companies, unlike Theranos, have managed to successfully navigate the regulatory and scientific challenges associated with developing portable blood testing devices.

The story of Theranos challenges existing practices in corporate governance by highlighting the importance of transparency, accountability, and due diligence. The company's founder, Elizabeth Holmes, was able to deceive investors, board members, and the public about the capabilities of the company's technology. This was possible due to a lack of proper oversight and checks and balances within the company. The board members failed to verify the claims made by Holmes and did not demand proof of the technology's effectiveness. This case underscores the need for rigorous corporate governance practices, including independent audits, robust internal controls, and a skeptical approach to extraordinary claims.

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