A manufacturing company can apply pre-suasion techniques by focusing on safety, a concern that is paramount in this sector. They can emphasize the safety measures they take in their manufacturing processes, the safety features of their products, and their commitment to the safety of their employees and customers. This can be done through their marketing and communication strategies, creating a perception of safety around their brand. This perception can then influence customers' decisions, persuading them to choose their products or services.

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The theme of Pre-suasion is highly relevant to contemporary issues and debates about consumer safety and perception. It suggests that consumers can be influenced or persuaded to act in a certain way if they perceive a threat to their safety. This is particularly evident in the use of warning labels on products like tobacco, which have been shown to be effective in influencing consumer behavior. This concept can be applied to various industries and is a powerful tool for businesses to direct consumer attention and influence their decisions.

Yes, there are several examples of companies that have successfully implemented the concept of pre-suasion. One such example is the tobacco industry. They use black label warnings on their packaging, which has been shown to be pre-suasively effective. The perception of a threat opens the mind of a person and they can be persuaded to act in a manner that they feel is good for their safety. This is a clear example of pre-suasion at work.

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