Some alternative marketing strategies could include traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio, and print ads. Social media campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter could also be effective. Influencer marketing, where popular individuals promote the product, could also be a viable strategy. Additionally, direct email marketing or even a viral marketing campaign could be alternatives. It's important to note that the best strategy would depend on the specific goals and target audience of the campaign.

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The Google Home of the Whopper campaign by Burger King activated Google Assistant in people's homes through a TV commercial spot. The specific impact on Google Assistant's usage is not detailed in the provided content, but the campaign was successful enough to win a top creative award at Cannes Lions in 2017 and generate an estimated $135 million in earned media.

The specific information about other successful marketing campaigns by David the Agency is not provided in the content. However, David the Agency is known for its innovative and successful marketing campaigns for various brands. One of their notable campaigns is for Burger King, called 'Google Home of the Whopper', which was highly successful and received a top creative award at Cannes Lions in 2017.

Some potential challenges of implementing a marketing campaign like Google Home of the Whopper could include backlash from consumers who feel their privacy has been invaded, technical difficulties in ensuring the voice command works properly, and potential legal issues related to the use of Google's technology without their consent. Additionally, such a campaign relies heavily on the novelty factor, which may not be sustainable in the long term.

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