Some alternative strategies to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) that can help teams differentiate between high-priority and low-priority accounts include Lead Scoring, Predictive Analytics, and Customer Segmentation. Lead Scoring assigns a value to each lead based on their behavior and engagement, helping to identify high-priority leads. Predictive Analytics uses historical data and machine learning to predict which leads are likely to convert, thus identifying high-priority accounts. Customer Segmentation divides the customer base into segments based on characteristics like industry, company size, or past purchases, which can help identify high-priority segments.

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One example of a company successfully using ABM is Adobe. Adobe implemented an ABM strategy to target specific accounts that had the potential for high annual contract value. They created personalized campaigns for these accounts, which resulted in increased engagement and ultimately led to a significant increase in their annual contract value. This example demonstrates how ABM can be used to focus on high-value accounts and increase revenue.

Global companies like Apple or Google can implement Account-Based Marketing (ABM) by first identifying their high-value clients. These are the clients that generate the most revenue for the company. Once these clients are identified, they can create highly targeted and personalized campaigns to win over these accounts. The campaigns should be designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of these high-value clients. The companies should also allocate more resources and attention to these high-value accounts. This can be done by differentiating between high-priority and low-priority accounts and applying the appropriate level of attention and treatment to each.

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