Alternative strategies to earned, owned, and paid media in managing a brand's image could include direct engagement with customers through events or experiential marketing, partnerships with other brands or influencers, and community building. It's also important to have a strong customer service strategy, as this can greatly influence a brand's image. Additionally, thought leadership, such as speaking at conferences or publishing industry-related content, can help to establish a brand's reputation and credibility.

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Yes, there are several examples of successful PR strategies that effectively utilized earned, owned, and paid media.

1. Dove's Real Beauty campaign is a great example of earned media. The campaign, which aimed to redefine beauty standards, generated a lot of organic buzz and social media mentions.

2. Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign is an example of owned media. The company personalized Coke bottles with people's names and encouraged them to share their experiences on Coca-Cola's website and social media profiles.

3. Old Spice's The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign is an example of paid media. The company paid for a series of humorous ads featuring a charismatic spokesman, which were then shared widely on social media.

Global companies like Apple and Google can leverage earned, owned, and paid media to improve their PR strategy in several ways.

For earned media, they can focus on delivering high-quality products and services that generate positive reviews and social media mentions. This can enhance their brand image and reputation organically.

For owned media, they can utilize their company websites and social media profiles to share positive news, updates, and engage with their audience. This allows them to control the narrative around their brand.

For paid media, they can invest in influencer marketing and online ads to reach a wider audience. This can help them to promote their products and services, and to manage their brand image effectively.

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