In the US, the copyright office has ruled at least twice that AI art can't be copyrighted unless there is a directly responsible human collaborator. The UK, EU, and Australian intellectual property offices have ruled the same. However, the specifics of the laws and their interpretations can vary. For instance, the EU has a four-step test to determine if AI can gain copyright. It's important to note that these laws are continually evolving as AI technology advances and becomes more prevalent.

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The four-step test in the EU to determine if AI can gain copyright is not explicitly detailed in the content provided. However, based on general knowledge, the EU typically considers factors such as originality, creativity, the role of human intervention, and the nature of the work produced by the AI. The test aims to establish whether the AI-generated work can be considered as an 'original intellectual creation'. If the work is deemed to be original and bears the 'stamp' of the human creator, it may be eligible for copyright protection. However, the specifics of the four-step test may vary and are subject to the interpretation of EU copyright law.

The implications of AI copyright laws on global companies like Google and Tesla could be significant. These companies heavily invest in AI technologies and the inability to copyright AI-generated content could impact their business models. They may need to adjust their strategies to ensure that they have human collaborators directly involved in the creation process to secure copyrights. Furthermore, they would need to navigate different copyright laws in different jurisdictions, which could complicate their global operations. However, it's important to note that these are just potential implications and the actual impact would depend on various factors including the specific AI technologies these companies use and how copyright laws evolve.

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