The 'hidden secrets' of CFOs or controllers often revolve around the art of finance, not just the science. This includes understanding that numbers on a financial statement or report may not always represent the complete truth. They may need to interpret these numbers, considering various business factors and contexts. Another 'secret' could be their ability to foresee potential financial risks and opportunities that are not apparent to others. They may also have unique strategies for cost management, investment, and resource allocation.

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Financial intelligence can be used to improve business decision making by providing accurate and timely information about the financial health of the company. This can help in identifying areas of strength and weakness, evaluating the effectiveness of business strategies, and making informed decisions about future investments and expenditures. It can also help in identifying potential risks and opportunities, and in ensuring compliance with financial regulations and standards.

Understanding that finance is as much an art as it is a science has several benefits. It allows for a more flexible and creative approach to financial management, which can lead to innovative solutions and strategies. It also encourages critical thinking and analysis, as it acknowledges that financial data can be interpreted in different ways. Furthermore, it highlights the importance of context and judgement in financial decision-making, rather than relying solely on numbers and formulas.

Non-financial managers can better understand the science aspect of finance by educating themselves about basic financial principles, concepts, and terminologies. They can take finance courses, read finance books, or use online resources. Understanding financial statements and how they are prepared can also be helpful. Additionally, they can seek guidance from financial experts or colleagues in the finance department.

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