The specific details about other reports published by New Constructs are not mentioned in the content. However, New Constructs is known for its comprehensive financial analysis and it likely publishes a variety of reports on different aspects of the market, including individual stock analysis, sector analysis, and broader market trends.

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The ROIC & Investment Valuation spreadsheet can be improved for better investment decision making by incorporating more comprehensive data, such as industry-specific metrics, and by improving the user interface for easier navigation and understanding. Additionally, the spreadsheet could benefit from the inclusion of predictive analytics features that can help forecast future trends based on historical data.

The drivers of economic earnings, such as Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) margin, invested capital turns, and the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), can significantly impact future investment decisions. High ROIC and NOPAT margin indicate efficient use of capital and profitability, which can attract investors. On the other hand, high WACC indicates higher risk and cost of capital, which might deter investment. Invested capital turns, which measure how efficiently a company uses its capital, can also influence investment decisions.

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ROIC & Investment Valuation

Need help with which companies or projects to invest in? As a key driver of value in business, ROIC...

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