Some other models or techniques that can be used to identify and develop cutting-edge products within large organizations include the Lean Startup methodology, Agile development, Design Thinking, and the Stage-Gate process. These models focus on rapid prototyping, iterative development, and customer feedback to drive innovation. Additionally, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity within the organization can also contribute to the development of cutting-edge products.

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The Startup Way doesn't explicitly mention how to handle unsuccessful pilots in the Metered Funding model. However, the principle of the model is to add resources and funding to successful pilots. Therefore, it can be inferred that unsuccessful pilots might not receive additional resources or funding.

The Startup Way proposes to measure the impact of its introduced techniques on an organization's financial outcomes by implementing a Metered Funding model. This model adds resources and funding to successful pilots, thereby directly linking the success of the techniques to the financial outcomes of the organization. Additionally, the creation of an entrepreneurial culture based on meritocracy can also indirectly impact financial outcomes by fostering innovation and efficiency.

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The Startup Way — released in early-October 2017 — is the continuation of the award-winning The Lean...

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