Apart from listening, other ways to create trust and safety in a negotiation include: showing empathy, being transparent, maintaining a calm demeanor, demonstrating competence, and keeping commitments. It's also important to respect the other party's viewpoint and to be patient. Building trust takes time and it's crucial to not rush the process.

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These negotiation strategies can be applied in a family or personal relationship setting by focusing on understanding the needs and wants of the other person. This can be achieved by making them feel safe enough to express their true feelings and desires. The key is to listen attentively, creating a safe and trusting environment for a genuine conversation.

Some ways to maintain focus on the other person's position or argument in a negotiation include active listening, making the other person and their points your sole focus, and creating a safe and trusting environment for conversation. It's also important to identify what the other person actually needs and wants.

You can overcome these challenges by focusing on identifying the needs of your counterpart and making them feel safe enough to express their true desires. Start by listening attentively, as this is the only way to build enough trust and safety for a genuine conversation.

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