Market maturity or saturation in a region can limit its future growth potential. This is because when a market is mature or saturated, it means that most of the consumers who would be interested in a particular product or service are already using it. Therefore, there is less room for growth. This can be visualized on a data visualization chart like nested bubbles on a map, where the size of the bubble represents the size of the market and the color of the bubble represents the growth potential. A mature or saturated market would be represented by a large bubble with a color indicating low growth potential.

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Projected growth trends for different markets can significantly impact global business strategies. For instance, a market like North America, which is sizable but projected to grow the least in the next decade, might require strategies focused on maintaining market share and increasing efficiency. On the other hand, a market like Africa, which is smaller but shows much higher growth potential, might require strategies focused on expansion and capturing new customers. These strategies could include investing in infrastructure, marketing, and product development specific to the region's needs and preferences.

There are several alternative data visualization strategies to nested bubbles on a map. One could use a heat map, where different colors represent different values of the key metric. Another option is a choropleth map, where geographic regions are colored or patterned in relation to a data variable. This provides a visual representation of how the data varies across different regions. A third option is a proportional symbol map, where symbols are placed on the map at specific geographic locations, with the size of the symbol representing the data value. Lastly, one could use a cartogram, where the size of the geographic regions are scaled according to the data value.

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