Potential solutions to global ills that could be addressed through technological innovation include the development of new technologies to make the consumption of goods more efficient and sustainable. This could help to mitigate the negative impacts of globalization, such as resource depletion. Additionally, startups can play a crucial role in envisioning and creating the future, particularly in areas of everyday life that are currently lacking in technological innovation.

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Some potential future technologies that could help make globalization more sustainable include advancements in renewable energy, efficient transportation systems, AI and machine learning for optimized resource management, and blockchain for transparent and efficient global transactions. These technologies can help reduce the environmental impact of globalization and make the consumption of goods more efficient and sustainable.

Some examples of technologies that have made goods consumption more efficient and sustainable include renewable energy technologies like solar and wind power, electric vehicles, and energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, digital technologies like IoT and AI have also contributed to efficiency and sustainability by optimizing resource use and reducing waste.

The 'zero to one' concept can be used to drive sustainable growth by encouraging the creation of innovative technologies. This involves creating something entirely new, rather than simply adding to what already exists. This innovation can lead to more efficient and sustainable consumption of goods, which is crucial for global sustainability. Additionally, startups can use this concept to envision and create the future, improving many aspects of everyday life. However, it's important to ignore the 'rules' that hinder the development of real technological innovations and sustainable growth, which were learned from the dot-com crash of the 1990s.

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