Some strategies to turn weaknesses into strengths include self-awareness, understanding your weaknesses, learning new skills, seeking feedback, setting personal goals, and focusing on positive thinking. It's also important to view weaknesses as opportunities for growth rather than as personal deficiencies.

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The statement 'Relative income is more important than absolute income' means that the value of income should be considered in relation to other factors, rather than just the total amount of money earned.

Relative income refers to how much you earn compared to others in your society or peer group. It's about the purchasing power and lifestyle that your income allows you to have in your specific location or situation.

On the other hand, absolute income is just the total amount of money you earn, without considering any other factors.

So, the statement suggests that it's more important to consider your income in relation to others and your cost of living, rather than just looking at the total amount you earn.

Money alone can be the solution in scenarios where the problem is purely financial. For example, if a person is in debt, having enough money to pay off the debt would solve the problem. Similarly, if a business is facing bankruptcy due to lack of funds, injecting money into the business would solve the problem. However, it's important to note that while money can solve these problems in the short term, it may not be a sustainable solution in the long term if the underlying issues that led to the financial problems are not addressed.

The phrase 'the timing being right' is subjective and can vary based on the context. However, in general, it refers to situations where events align in such a way that a desired outcome is achieved. For example, launching a product when the market demand is high, asking for a promotion when the company is doing well, or investing in stocks when the market is favorable. These are all examples of the timing being right.

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