Some ways to conduct a thorough market pricing analysis include understanding the production costs, analyzing the demand for the product, studying the prices of the competition, assessing customers' purchasing power, considering legal and government regulations, and aligning with the company's objective and marketing strategy.

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A company can effectively communicate its pricing policy to its team by first determining its goals, running a market pricing analysis, and conducting a thorough target audience analysis. It should then list all price determinant factors, including production costs, demand for the product, prices of the business' competition, customers' purchasing power, legal and government regulations, and the company's objective and marketing strategy. The company should also educate its team about the most common pricing mistakes, such as trying to be the lowest price provider, mixing the pricing message, and underestimating real costs.

Some strategies for dealing with legal and government regulations that affect pricing include staying updated with the latest regulations, consulting with legal experts, and incorporating these costs into the pricing strategy. It's also important to have a contingency plan in case of sudden changes in regulations.

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