The strategic triangle, also known as the 3C's, is a business model which focuses on three key elements for success: the Customer, the Company, and the Competitor. The model suggests that a business must focus on the customer to understand their needs and wants, understand the company's own capabilities and limitations, and also understand the competitor to differentiate and create a competitive advantage.

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The key considerations in choosing between Value-Based Management (VBM) and other management philosophies include understanding the goals of the organization, the nature of the business, and the competitive environment. VBM focuses on maximizing shareholder value, so it's suitable for businesses that prioritize shareholder returns. Other philosophies might focus on customer satisfaction, employee engagement, or sustainability, and might be more suitable for businesses with different priorities. It's also important to consider the practicality of implementing the philosophy in the business context.

The strategic triangle, also known as the 3C's, contributes to a company's market positioning by helping to establish its competitive position. It's based on the idea that competitive advantage is defined by the ability to deliver better value to customers at a lower price than competitors. This approach supports maximum value creation in businesses, typically the maximization of shareholder value.

Some best practices for implementing Value-Based Management include: understanding the company's mission and vision, aligning all business activities and decisions with the goal of maximizing shareholder value, using performance metrics that are linked to value creation, promoting a culture of value creation throughout the organization, and continuously monitoring and adjusting strategies based on market conditions and performance results.

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