The key elements to include in an annual report for a holistic view of the company are: a letter from the CEO or president, financial statements, management's discussion and analysis, information about the company's operations, corporate governance information, and a discussion of risks and future plans. It's also important to include any significant achievements or milestones, as well as any challenges the company faced during the year. These elements provide a comprehensive view of the company's performance, its strategic direction, and its future prospects.

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Common mistakes companies make when preparing their annual reports include: lack of transparency, not providing a holistic view of the company, overloading the report with unnecessary details, and not engaging the reader. These can be avoided by ensuring transparency in all dealings, providing a comprehensive view of the company's operations, focusing on key details and achievements, and making the report engaging and easy to understand.

A well-structured annual report is crucial for a company's relationship with its stakeholders as it provides a comprehensive and transparent view of the company's performance, strategies, and future plans. It helps in building trust and credibility among the stakeholders by showcasing the company's accountability and commitment to its goals. It also serves as a tool for the company to communicate its story, achievements, and challenges, thereby fostering a better understanding and engagement among the stakeholders.

Apart from presentations, annual reports can be presented in various formats such as PDF documents, interactive websites, videos, and infographics. They can also be shared through email newsletters or printed as hard copies for distribution. The choice of format depends on the target audience and the complexity of the information to be shared.

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