If a leader fails to lead by example, it can result in a lack of trust within the team. Team members may lose faith in the leader's intentions and may feel that their vulnerabilities could be used against them. This can lead to a lack of open dialogue and shared experiences, and can create an atmosphere lacking in integrity. It can also lead to unwanted behaviors within the team, as clear expectations and accountability may not be established.

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A leader can measure the level of trust within a team by observing the team's communication patterns, the willingness of team members to share ideas and take risks, and the level of cooperation and collaboration. Additionally, feedback from team members and their level of engagement can also be indicative of the trust level within the team.

If a team lacks clear expectations and accountability, it can lead to confusion, lack of direction, and decreased productivity. Team members may not understand their roles or responsibilities, leading to inefficiencies and conflicts. It can also result in a lack of trust and morale, as team members may feel their efforts are not recognized or valued. Ultimately, this can negatively impact the team's performance and the overall success of the project or organization.

A leader can ensure that clear expectations are communicated to the team by setting clear and concise goals, providing regular feedback, and maintaining open lines of communication. They should also lead by example and create an environment of trust and accountability. It's important for the leader to be transparent about their expectations and to provide the necessary resources and support for the team to meet these expectations.

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